We help entrepreneurs grow their business through virtual administrative and technical support.


Kimberley & Co is a team of young women dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Each member of the team practices diligence and gives their utmost best to ensure that clients’ needs are met. The team takes on different tasks – big or small – and executes them efficiently and with care. Kimberley & Co adopts a hands-on and proactive approach to solving problems to help fulfill clients’ goals.

Kimberley Reyes has 10 years of experience as a virtual assistant.
"Kim was one of the best executive assistants and project managers I've ever worked with...and I don't say things like that often. She ALWAYS was one step ahead of me and had things I hadn't even thought of completed before I assigned them. Professional, punctual, forward thinking, organized and talented are only a few words I'd use to describe Kim. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you won't be disappointed. Thank you for all that you did for me, and for our company Kim, you're definitely missed on our team!"

Hand over tasks

…you don’t have time to do

…you don’t know how to do

…you don’t want to do

My clients call me by many titles: virtual assistant, their go-to gal for their business needs, even a miracle worker. I’m here to take the load of day-to-day tasks off your back so you can focus more on working ON your business than IN it.

"Kimberley is very hardworking and dedicated to doing an excellent job. She is very bright, and a fast learner, and can accomplish skills much faster than most. I highly recommend her."



Website Management

Do you have new content or business updates, but do not have the time to add them to your website? Outsource that to me! I can do that for you. I am familiar with various platforms: WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and more.

Content Creation

Do you need fresh content for your blog or website? Just send information about what you want written and I will work with that to create content for you.


Creating reports is a boring task for most. If this is not something you enjoy doing, I can prepare reports for you. I am familiar with Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Social Media Management

Planning, creating, and scheduling content takes a lot of time - time you could be spending working on your business. I can help manage your social media pages for you and assist in growing and keeping your community engaged.

E-mail Management

Can't keep up with your e-mails? Let me handle your inbox for you! I can help with client support tickets, inbox organization, and more.

Troubleshooting & Research

Is there something you just cannot figure out? Issues with your email client, a code in your website you need to find, setting up zaps on Zapier? I can help with that... and more!

Services are not limited to the ones listed above. If you have other tasks you would like to outsource, just let me know so I can confirm if I can also take over those tasks!

"I've been working with Kimberley Reyes for quite a while and her work is so efficient and reliable. She allows me to be in more places than I have time for. I would struggle without her, that's for sure."

Let's work together!

Clients call Kimberley their "go-to gal" because she and her team always deliver - on time, with quality. How can we help you too?