How Your Inbox Is Killing Your Productivity

How Your Inbox Is Killing Your Productivity

Emails – a vital form of communication for thousands of people in the workforce. Unlike post or “snail mail”, emails are sent directly to people in a matter of seconds. Since its creation and development, reaching out to people has become easier, faster and more convenient. However, emails have also become the very thing that contributes to unproductivity – and hundreds of people experience this every day.

Why and how we spend so much time on emails

When opening our email through our computers or phones, we are immediately met with tens, hundreds and even thousands of unread mail (depending on how many subscriptions, promotions and SPAM is in it). The sheer volume of messages can be very daunting and, quite frankly, can make us feel helpless at times. More often than not, our emails tend to fill up because we choose to not delete some of the ones we’ve already read out of fear that we would miss out on something important.

Lack of organization also helps create the virtual clutter in our emails and important ones tend to get lost in the inbox over time when we don’t sort them out. And, in an attempt to change this, we may tend to obsess over our inboxes to make it as organized as we can. Maybe we even try to hit two birds with one stone by sorting through them and responding to some of the important ones we’ve missed at the same time. Before you know it, we would have spent about a quarter of our work day just checking emails.

While emails are definitely important, especially to owners and CEOs of businesses, they can also be a hindrance to getting more actual and important work done. Luckily, Virtual Assistants can take care of this exasperating task for you.

How can a Virtual Assistant help manage your inbox?

Some owners and CEOs may think that emails should be solely their responsibility as urgent and confidential matters are sent there but, by hiring a virtual assistant, you can focus on tasks geared towards your business’ growth and development AND still be on top of your emails. 

Got thousands of unread emails? By talking to your virtual assistant about what categorization you will be needing, they can clean up your inbox and create filters so that messages are placed in specific groups so that you won’t have to miss out on anything that gets sent to you.

A virtual assistant can also sort your mail by deleting SPAM/unwanted promotions and respond to generic inquiries that can be easily addressed. They can leave what needs your attention like messages from specific people, other CEOs or important clients unread in your inbox, and they can notify you about them if in case they need to be attended to within the day.

If in case you are unavailable to attend to your emails on a particular day, a week, or every day your virtual assistant can do it for you. Certain tasks specific to your business may require daily checking and sending messages, and this can certainly take up a lot of time. With a virtual assistant, you won’t have to do this and you can focus your energy into building up your company.

Virtual assistants can also create autoresponders or canned responses for people who are subscribed to your email list. This will take some teamwork between you and your VA in order to make sure that the autoresponder feels like it is still you replying to the emails. However, once the email sequence is done and the personal touches have been set, your emails will become less toxic.

Drowning in emails?

Kimberley Reyes & Co will take care of your emails with utmost care and respect. Our mission is to provide you with the support you need to continue growing your business from research, content-heavy and routine tasks to the seemingly insurmountable task of managing your inbox.

If you want to know more about how we can help, book a discovery call with us!

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